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The Concep-T, with verbal and reasoning-abstract concepts subtests, is a power-type IQ test intended to measure crystallized intelligence and power of reasoning with abstract concepts.


A non expected but pertinent answer will be taken into account in the raw score, and weighted according to its degree of quality.


There is no time limit; material help allowed: books, calculator, computer, internet…, corrections and additions are not accepted; no discussion with others, no help from anyone in any way.

Requisites : logic, imagination, shrewdness, minimal general knowledge, and a very very good sense of observation. Send your answers to

Or to the following address: Laurent Dubois, rue Beaulieusart, 148, Fontaine-L’Evêque, 6140, Belgium.


Please include your name, age, gender, e-mail address, and native language. If relevant, please list scores on previously-taken IQ tests, along with the names of the tests. It’s important to normalize the “Concep-T test”. Thanks for your comprehension.


The Concep-T TesT is an admission test for the SIGMA Society and potentially for several other societies (Cerebrals, Glia, Poetic Genius, Pi, Mega…).                                                                                            





The correction is free!


Read carefully the following warning !




You have to choose the most basic, the most general and the most precise solution. To avoid confusion, don’t “point out” the solution; write or draw it completely! If there is the most little part of subjectivity or interpretation in your answer, this is not the good answer!


A potentially infinite series is indicated by the dots; the hyphens indicate the number of elements (not asked) after the question mark; otherwise, there is logically nothing else possible after the last element.


The numbering of the items doesn’t belong to the items!


Principle of an analogy: “black : white :: true : false” must be read as this: white is to black as false is to true.


The analogy Part : Part : Part : Part : (...) :: Whole : ? is the generic item in each part of the Power-scale.






Principle of an analogy: “black : white :: true : false” must be read as this: white is to black as false is to true




a) Chronoscope : Time :: 916 : ?


b) Nowhere : Now :: Never : ?


c) Stalemate : Automate :: Mate : ?


d) Corpore: Naso :: Mens : ?


e) Effect : Intention :: Action : ?


f) Action : Reaction :: Imitation : ?


g) Sphere : Concentric : : Original : ?


h) Before before : Before :: Before after : ?


i) Correct : Eror :: Incorrect : ?


j) Bath : Pinball :: Eureka : ?


k) Analogy : :: :: Equation : ?


l) / : Fraction ::  : ?


m) Analogy : :: :: What : ?


n)  :      :: All : ?


o) BC : BB :: Omega : ?


p) Newton : Cancel : : Shakespeare : ?


q)  : : : : : : : : ?


r)  Whole : Whole : … : : Hole :     : : Hole : ?


s)  Part : Part: Part: Part:(...) :: Whole : ?






2) c. F.



a)      Common feature:  -Oxygen  -15  -Zero  -Ring



b)  Common feature –Point –Force –Factor –Suit



c)      Common feature:  –Film –Rays –Cross –Times



d) Common feature:  -100  -Language  -300000  -Ut



e) Common feature:  -Sonata  -Tale  -Rite  -Indian








3) letters







4) words


Which is the missing word ?



   - - - -




5) incoherence




? a ? i ? d ? o ? e ? m ? r ? n ? l ? p





6) Which is the odd one out ?



a) Word    b) Tyrannosaur    c) Here    d) Posted    e) Abv.    f) True    g)    In-------- h) Penultimate    i) Last





7) Which is the odd one out ?




a) Adam    b) Ambiguity    c) Trinity    d) Tesseract    e) Planck    f) Pentagon    g) Fly    h) Week    i) Spider







1) qed






                            D = DEMONSTRANDUM







* You have to say what is coming behind the second question mark

* QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM = which was to be demonstrated





2) movement


What words are you reading now ?


(choose only one of the following propositions; your answer can’t be contradictory at the semantic level and must be the most general at the semantic level)


a) Any word you like b) None c) Plane d) The solution I have just chosen e) Joker f) What words are you reading now 





3) DAA



Let’s try to demonstrate that a Demonstration Ab Absurdo is not absurd.


Consider that a Demonstration Ab Absurdo (DAA) is absurd


This is contradictory with the premises since we use what is to be demonstrated to make the demonstration (petitio principii)


Thus we can demonstrate only directly that a DAA is not absurd


But then, we have demonstrated Ab Absurdo that the demonstration has to be direct


Since we can not make the hypothesis that a DAA is absurd, in other words since that is absurd to consider that a DAA is absurd, DAA demonstrates his validity sui generis, i.e. in the most direct way




This demonstration is: (choose only one of the following propositions)


a) Absurd  b) Beautiful  c) Correct  d) I don’t know  e) Incomplete  f) Which has to be demonstrated






4) Limbo



This sentence ends by: “ This sentence ends by: “ This sentence ends by: “ This sentence ends by…”””


Which of the following words can not be referred to this sentence?


a)  Perpetual b) Fractal c) Auto reference d) Cycle e) Syllogism f) Transfinis g) Retroaction





5) Syllogism


A deduction is built on hypothesis

An hypothesis has to be constantly checked

A constantly checked hypothesis is an induction

A deduction is an induction




This syllogism is: (choose only one of the following propositions)


a) Valid b) False c) Incomplete d) True e) Invalid f) Dangerous





6) Determinism


Supposition: the Time Travel is possible

Condition: the Time travel is instantaneous

Precision: the specificity of the Time is “succession”!

Consequence: …


Which of the following conclusions are incorrect?


a)      All the past and all the future exist simultaneously

b)      Pure determinism

c)      Time and time travel are contradictory

d)      All that is possible is already realized somewhere

e)      Time is an illusion

f)         Each of this words and your answer are predetermined

g)      Time Travel is possible “now” in a certain future

h)      All potential is actual

i)        All the Time is accomplished somewhere





7) time’s arrow



Physicists assess that there is no absolute, privileged time’s arrow

Consequently, we can imagine, in our future, a universe whom time’s arrow is opposite to our own time’s arrow

Suppose that the Time Travel is possible


How to escape to the temporal collision?



a)      Time travel in the past

b)      Time travel in the future

c)      Trip in another dimension

d)      No issue

e)      To say one’s prayers

f)        To send a letter of protest with the designer of the 916




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