Laurent Dubois                          Born on March 25, 1964         

Rue de Beaulieusart, 148         Kanshi Mbuji-maï (R.D.C.)

6140, Fontaine-L'Evêque         Reserve Officer

Belgium                                       Single     Driving License

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CHRONOSCOPE: The Space « Time »


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Against pop-ups, free and really convivial:


Formative and Consultant

in recruitment , logic,

problems of logico-divergent thought ,

Enterprise’s  tests, IQ tests ,


Itinerant exposition “Time - Time Travel”










- Author of "Remue-Méninges", published by the editions Marabout in February 1997.


- Author of "Les paradoxes du temps", scientific popularising work

  published by the editions OUSIA in February 2000.


- Intervening at the 24è Congress of the Association of the Societies of Philosophy of French language in Poitiers from the 27 to August 31, 1992.

Exposed included in the Acts of the Conference appeared in 1996.


- Creator of the test 916, the Hyper-TesT et the Concep-T, on line IQ tests in phase of standardization whom the conjonction constitue la Power-Scale


 - Creator of the CHRONOSCOPE project , the space   " time "


- President of the ASBL Chronoplanet (owner of the name of domain « »)


- Inventor of the game CUBOMINOS


- Preparation of a thesis of doctorate on the topic of temporality in the theories quantum, thermodynamic and relativistic.



-          Member of the Societies Camp Archimedes, Sigma, Cerebrals, Mensa, Mysterium, NePlusUltra, Platinum and the Megafoundation


-          Honorary member of the Pars and the , ISI-S Societies.


        -       Administrator of  HiqH.


-         Member of the Cerebrals Test Development Council & of the NePlusUltra Design Team.


-         Ex-Member of the IITC (International Intelligence Testing Committee of the IHIGHIQ) society & the ISPE.






Consulting with the FUNOC. (Formation Open University Charleroi)


2001  : Professor in secondary education


1999: Trainer and consulting with the FUNOC.


Since 1998: Intervening with the FUNOC, with a module of initiation to the logical reasoning and diverge , within the framework of the  "Week of pleasure to read, desire to write" in June 1998.


1991-1992: Detached teaching for the town of Charleroi.             

    Presentation of the modules: - Logo

                                                - French

                                                 - Library

                                                - Discovered natural

                                                - Human right


1989-1997: Professor of French, history, philosophy, Latin in higher secondary education and   lower.


1990-1993: Person in charge of movement of young people.              


1992:       Creative and organizer of the first " DAY OF the CULTURES " with Fountain-The Bishop on May 30, 1992.

1996:       Cofounder and writer of the review " Wallet ".





1983-1987: Licence in philosophy ( Logical , epistemology ...)


           Delivered by the Université libre de Bruxelles in 1987


1976-1983: Secondary studies in Latin-Greek with the College Saint-Michel at Gosselies.


1988-1989: socio-cultural Reserve officer after a military service at the basis of Coxyde from the 01/03/1988 to the 28/03/1989


1997-1998: Training in animation and education with the FUNOC.


1982-1983: Patent of organizer of groups of young people delivered by " Youth and Health " in Charleroi.                     


1990-1993: Studies of musical theory to the Academy of music of   Fountain-the Bishop.

                    Two years of piano.


(Composed with Ejay).


1992-1993: Success in the admission tests to Mensa and I.S.P.E . associations


1996:     Prize winner of the test Decathlon of the spirit at the time of the first Festival of the Plays of the Spirit in Charleroi, the 25/02/96 to the 04/03/96


1997:       Winner of the contests:

                                 Numbers and letters


                                 Decathlon of the spirit

                                 mathematical and logical games

           at the time of the second Festival of the games of the Mind at Charleroi, from  22/02/97 to the 03/03/97





- Data processing: Study of programming out of Assembler, C, Perl  ; Cryptography asymmetrical, algorithmic, simulated annealing...


Webmaster of the site CHRONOSCOPE , Space " t i m e " with the following address:


- Languages: basic knowledge: - Dutch.

                                                     - English.

- Taste for Chess.    (1999: succeeded in defeating, with blacks, in a 1 minute blitz & in 85 moves (i.e. 0,7” per move) the program Fritz 5.2 on a Pentium III 450 MgH)


- Member of the Belgian Authors society 


-   Won a prize in the Strip magazine Spirou with the following drawing:


-  Contestant in the T.V. game: “Alone against all”







·        RTL      --/02/1997, interviewed by Pascal Vrebos in his broadcasting "La plume et la souris" about my book "Remue-Méninges".


·        RTBF   15/11/1999,  interviewed by Françoise Baré in "Régions Soir" about my project CHRONOSCOPE.


·        AB Action from TPS, the 19/03/2002, interviewed by Benjamin Castaldi in the broadcasting  Blast about the remake of “The time machine »



·         Bel RTL:  interviewed about the organisation of the "Journée des Cultures". 1992                    



·        France Inter: 30/01/2000, interviewed by Robert Arnaut in his broadcasting "Le possible, l'impossible" devoted to Time and Time travel, for the publishing of my book "Les paradoxes du temps".


·        Radio des étudiants de l’Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, décembre 2001


·        Radio France International: chronic of Marie Audran in the broadcasting  « Le monde change » de Patrick Chompré, 24/09/2002





·        Le SOIR: - 15/11/1999


·        La Nouvelle Gazette


·        Le Rappel


                        ·        Familles (n° 18 Novembre 2003)


Movies:     Figuration in :


·        Les Destinées Sentimentales – October 1999

·        Crimes en série : March 2002





Temporal Collision Conjecture


Time Travel, Logic and Speculation


Time Travel, Logic and Speculation II 


Manifesto of the Manifest


Beyond Consciousness


Les consciences absolues



Bishop exchange



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916 French





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